2015 China Shenyang International Furniture Fair

August 25, 2015

Shenyang Furniture Fair is jointly organized by the China Furniture Association, Liaoning Province Furniture Association and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., based in Shenyang as a platform to build a regional professional furniture exhibition with three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia and parts of North China.

2015 China Shenyang International Furniture Fair

The main target object is two, three, four-tier cities and both Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia and Japan, South Korea and other international markets. It’s the fastest growing and influential professional furniture exhibition in Northern China.

Shenyang, economic center in Northeast China, the Bohai economic circle hub, radiation international city in Northeast Asia. Shenyang’s Center market is obvious. Northeast, the total land area of 1.5 million square kilometers, population is 120 million, the proportion of urban population is the most in domestic China.

2012 total household merchandise sales amount is more than 150 billion yuan, with 15% rate increase, the purchasing buying is strong and the market potential is huge. The next 10 years, the Northeast will rise New Heights in Chinese domestic industry. It will provide unlimited business opportunities for furniture industry of Annual Northeast regional market demand increase of 20 billion yuan (in 2018 will reach 200 billion yuan of consumption levels) And the unprecedented expansion of the international market in Northeast Asia.

Show Time: 2015-08-15 to 2015-08-17


Exhibition Venue: Shenyang International Exhibition Center

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