K9 Crystal Knobs

August 17, 2015

The K9 Crystal Knobs has won a lot of likes on social media. Based on our researches, we have listed several reasons.

K9 Crystal Knobs

Firstly, comparatively crystal one does not cost too much, and the shape are fancier than some metal one. Some models are just like some fashioned stuffs. Such as Earing, Star, Ring.

Secondly, the Crystal can reflect light, Bling! Bling! Easy to catch the women's eyes. The hostess always have the say about the housing decoration.

So here we would like to recommend you a crystal furniture knob.

K9 Crystal cabinet knobs

Our designer apply for the round shape, no pointed corner, in case to cause some damage. And in the middle, we embayed the K9 crystal, it can reflect the light and it will be different at different angle. Like the picture as below. It looks like a full blossomed flowers. Surprise!

And those knobs look amazing on some wooden furniture, the finishes of Zamak part is Antique Bronzed, and the crystal is clear. It is like the chemistry of Modern and Antique style. Have you seen some sparkle?

K9 Crystal furniture knobs

Free Sample of this model during promotion. If you like it, please feel free to contact us.

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