Tips for Purchasing and Maintenance of Furniture Fitting

August 27, 2015

Even the furniture fitting are small, but it is the key factor of the kitchen cabinet effect and working life.

Stainless Steel T Bar Handle

Once there are something wrong with them. It would be very disturbing. So we will be very careful for purchasing and maintenance.
What is more, the kitchen fittings have two type: functional fitting and decorative fitting.

Classic Handle

Notes below for function fitting collocation:

When we buy the functional fittings, we must ensure that the surface is smooth, switch is sensitive and no abnormal sound. The manufacturer must be reliable and famous in handle industry for a long time, so that we can make sure that the raw material are qualified. Those consumers who are rich, can try best to pick the high quality manufacturer, it can guarantee a good precision.

Modern Knob

The tips for decoration hardware:

For the decorative kitchen fitting, we should take the color and texture into consideration. The solid wood handle is unsuitable for the kitchen handle, otherwise in damp environment, handle are easily to be deformed. To buy those decorative handles which can match the kitchen very well.

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