Tips on Installing New Cabinet Handles

August 26, 2015

No doubt there are times you have looked upon your kitchen with disgust and thought, "How can I make this dump look better?" There is an easy and relatively inexpensive way: new cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

Installing New Cabinet Handles

By installing new cabinet handles, knobs, or pulls, your kitchen will not win any design awards just with the addition or substitution of new cabinet handles.
But it is one of those kitchen remodeling projects that has a greater reward than the work put into it.

Cost, Big Transformation

Without getting into the science of it too much, let's look at a few reasons why new or substituted handles have such an impact: Hardware is prominent -- it physically sticks out more than any other feature of the kitchen cabinetry. Amazing, colorful, and detailed designs are possible in cabinet hardware -- aspects which would be overwhelming in other parts of the kitchen. You can use materials and finishes not found elsewhere in the kitchen: everything from shiny, mirror-like finishes to weathered bronze to cast-iron finishes.

Not a Quick Fix

Take it from my personal experience: adding cabinet pulls and knobs is not quite the "slam dunk" renovation project it seems. You come home, lugging your 80-lb. bag of steel, thinking you'll slap them up before dinner...and it doesn't happen. Here are some tips on how to make the process goes smoother.

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